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Community Statement

City Volunteers is currently a web-based organization established to promote the volunteering opportunities of non-profit community service groups of municipalities. We work to maintain an apolitical position to serve as a neutral and unbiased medium for community groups and motivated volunteers seeking to effect positive change in their community. The sole purpose of City Volunteers is to build communities by supporting local service organizations.

City Volunteers was conceived by volunteers as a solution to fill the void of easily accessible information about service opportunities in communities. The core function of City Volunteers is to build an effective online community and present online resources in a comprehensive manner that will fill this void. Other existing web resources leave much to be desired as their constructions are secondary to the missions of their host organizations.

City Volunteers' focus on the internet as a web resource provides:
- a national network to link distant communities,
- a message board to initiate and enable idea exchange, and
- resources to assist in the establishment of community websites.

Our site went online in 2003 following a year of planning and construction. Our organization and services continue to evolve through the ideas and contributions of those we serve. We look forward to the contributions you make through feedback and participation.


Our mission is to build communities by supporting both their service organizations and volunteers.

Our mission is presently executed to develop a national network of web resources about local volunteerism and to accomplish the following objectives:
- improve the exchange of information and ideas about volunteerism on the web,
- promote the construction of community service websites, and
- build an effective online network.

Community Statement 

Community is a product of our self.

City Volunteers is founded on the principles on community, responsibility, and volunteerism. As a fundamental component of society, community allows us each to enhance our lives through the presence and support of those with whom we live. As citizens of a community, we are each responsible for the welfare of our neighbors as they are equally responsible for ours. This sense of responsibility should motivate us, without persuasion, to assist those we see in need.

We are witnessing the transformation of our neighbors' images into faceless crowds by the growth of our communities and the impersonal culture of city living. It is the vision of City Volunteers to return a sense of community to urban etiquette.


City Volunteers is currently an unfunded organization. Operational costs are covered by private donations and contributions by our affiliates. Because City Volunteers operates entirely through volunteers, our expenses are limited to minimal web hosting costs. It is our goal to be self-sufficient and operate without the necessity of philanthropy by charging petty fees for advertising to cover hosting expenses.

Please contact our administration for donation and sponsorship inquiries or to request an annual financial report.


Jul 23, 2002 - City Volunteers is conceived.

Aug 13, 2002 - Construction begins.

Sep 12, 2003 - City Volunteers is launched. Services consist of linking affiliate websites nationwide, providing assistance and resources to fledgling affiliates, and offering banner ad space to community service organizations.