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We are looking to expand our network nationwide. Please contact us if you are interested in establishing a web resource for your community. Feel free to contact us at with inquiries about starting your community's site.

We are here to offer you assistance in your endeavor. We can provide you with page templates, server space, and the knowledge gained from our experiences. We can advise you on technical, organizational, and creative issues. Visit our founding affiliate Boston Volunteers to see how your site can look.

Programming experience is not a prerequisite. Do you have the necessary technical knowledge to begin? If you can answer yes to or find answers to the following questions via the web, we think you do:
  • Do you GOOGLE?
  • Have you ever played with graphics files?
  • Have you ever looked at a web page's source code?
  • Do you know what UNIX file permissions are for?
  • Recognize these abbreviations? URL, SSI, FTP, PERL, HTTP, CGI-BIN, PDF

See our Affiliate Assistance Policy for more information.